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Account numbers are often embossed or imprinted on the card, and a magnetic stripe on the back contains the data in machine readable format.Fields can vary, but the most common include: Many Web sites have been compromised in the past and theft of credit card data is a major concern for banks.

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The purpose of some networking sites may be purely social, allowing users to establish friendships or romantic relationships, while others may focus on establishing business connections.In this, fraudster presents stolen card information by indirect means, whether by mail, telephone or over the Internet to merchant site and orders the delivery of goods of lower value to avoid suspicion Carding is a term used for a process to verify the validity of stolen card data.The thief presents the card information on a website that has real-time transaction processing.Credit card fraud is also an add-on to identity theft.Card account information is stored in a number of formats.Social networking sites rely on connections and communication, so they encourage you to provide a certain amount of personal information.

When deciding how much information to reveal, people may not exercise the same amount of caution as they would when meeting someone in person because While the majority of people using these sites do not pose a threat, malicious people may be drawn to them because of the accessibility and amount of personal information available on them.

Data obtained in a theft, like addresses or phone numbers, can be highly useful to a thief as additional card holder verification.

The mail and the Internet are major routes for fraud against merchants who sell and ship products, as well Internet merchants who provide online services.

Sometimes people forget that they have signed up for information from particular merchants, or joined particular mailing lists, and confuse the emails they receive with "spam". Most people who have an email address for any significant amount of time receive "spam email", and the longer you maintain a particular email address the more spam you are likely to receive.

Spammers create lists of email addresses by collecting them from websites, buying them from other businesses, and even by guessing possible names on popular email hosts such as Yahoo! It is possible to buy large email lists for relatively small amounts of money.

Please note that the list of 419 (Nigerian Advanced Fee Fraud) scam types described below does not include all possible variants.